It is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.

Ursla Le Guin (1929-2018)

The Left Hand of Darkness, 1969

Typhoon Jebi

Recorded: September 5th, 2018

Suggested procedure:

Write the following numbers randomly on the board leaving the bottom third of the board blank:

¼, 25, 135, 150, 200, 3,000, 1,000,000 and 2018

Tell the students they will see a video and that they need to find out what the numbers refer to. After watching the video go through the numbers one at a time and if any student can identify the number either circle it or erase it from the board. If there are any numbers left watch the video again. If the students can't identify any of the numbers or are struggling then write up a keyword for each of the numbers randomly using the bottom third of the board. Suggested keywords are in bold. Answers are as follows:

the strongest typhoon to hit Japan for quarter of a century
the strongest typhoon to hit Japan in 25 years
winds reaching speeds of 135 miles per hour
150 people injured by the typhoon
severe flooding killed more than 200 people
3,000 passengers stranded at Kansai airport because of a damaged bridge
1,000,000 people told to leave their homes
2018: the year of the typhoon


Slowed by 15% and reframed to cut out a headlines tickertape running across the bottom of the screen this video lasts just over 2 minutes. Words to focus on: battered, caught-out, torrent, widespread, abroad, achieved, severe flooding. The use of achieved is somewhat inappropriate. It is worth pointing out that achieve is usually used in a positive context so a more appropriate word might be suffered.

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