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Pair Fluency Match 7 - Death Wish?

Choice Card: Pair Fluency Match 7 - Death Wish?
Vocabulary (Environment), Q & A practise
Junior High School students and up
30 second to 2 minutes a round
Class Size:
Play in pairs
Energy Level:
Low to Medium
Noncompetitive Guessing Game
Cards and board (downloadable), counters

With Pair Fluency games players take turns asking each other set questions as fast as possible. With Match 7 there are 7 "yes" answers and 5 "No" answers. The aim is to find all the "yes" answers within a time limit.

To play, one player takes a question board and seven counters. The other player takes an answer card. The usual time limit is one minute. This can be shortened for experienced players or lengthened for beginners. On the starting signal the player with the board starts asking questions. Here is a list for this set:

Does your country clear-cut forests?
Does your country embrace factory farming?
Does your country export weapons?
Does your country ignore climate change?
Does your country ignore food safety?
Does your country possess a car culture?
Does your country possess a large military?
Does your country promote coal?
Does your country promote fracking?
Does your country promote nuclear power?
Does your country stockpile chemical weapons?
Does your country stockpile nuclear weapons?

The player with the card looks at it and responds accordingly, either "Yes, we do" or "No, we don't". For every "Yes" answer the questioning player covers the matching image on the board with a counter. When the timer goes record the number of points scored and players reverse roles. How many points can the whole class accumulate in 2-4 rounds?


Players should be somewhat familiar with the vocabulary before doing this game. As a follow-up players can consider real answers for their country and the teacher's country if different.