You look at the Blond Hero - really look - and he turns into a gerbil.

Ursla Le Guin (1929-2018)

Myth and Archetype in Science Fiction, 1976

2018-06-01 Quote for a day present Splog: 2019-06-05 World Environment Day - so much hot air! 2019-06-05: Wednesday

World Environment Day - So much Hot Air!

MEGA?  Shun Trump! MEGA?  Shun Trump!

Our cosmic oasis, cosmic blue pearl
the most beautiful planet in the universe
all the continents and all the oceans
united we stand as flora and fauna
united we stand as species of one earth
different cultures, beliefs and ways
we are humans, the earth is our home
all the people and the nations of the world
all for one and one for all
united we unfurl the blue marble flag.

Abhay Kumar

June 5th is the U.N's World Environment Day. The host nation for 2019 is China and the theme is "Beat Air Pollution". That will take a lot more than standing in front of a tank, heroic though it was. Strange how China got to pick the theme in the year marking 30 years since the massacre in Tiananmen Square?

According the World Health Organisation 90% of the World's population are exposed to unsafe air and bad air kills off 7 million people every year. This is massively more than their 2014 estimate that in the near future a quarter of a million people would die each year because of Climate Change. But of course the two are related. A recent report by an Australian Think Tank suggests that human civilisation will collapse by 2050. Tell that to the Australian Government that stopped funding for the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

Unless we get past the disease of greatness we are doomed.
Inaugaration of Jair Bolsonaro Inaugaration of Jair Bolsonaro

What a miserable poem for the world! How can anyone possibly say that the Earth is the most beautiful planet in the universe? It's this kind of thinking that leads to nationalist zealots like Trump and Jair Bolsonaro gaining power. May as well burn down the Amazon and make Brazil great again. As long as we accept wealth and power over others as legitimate we have little to no chance for long-term survival. Stand together as one in the race to the top. All for One and one gets all...

Adrian Mitchell's Song in Space had it right...

When man first flew beyond the sky
He looked back into the world's blue eye.
Man said: What makes your eye so blue?
Earth said: The tears in the ocean do.
Why are the seas so full of tears?
Because I've wept so many thousand years.
Why do you weep as you dance through space?
Because I am the mother of the human race.

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