Licensing a nuclear power plant is, in my view, licensing random premeditated murder.

Dr. John W. Gofman (1918-2007)

Nuclear Witnesses: Insiders Speak Out

Black Hole (Game Board)

Choice Card: Black Hole (Game Board)
children and up
5 minutes or more
Class Size:
Energy Level:
Various (at least a timer and a D6 dice)


Method of play

This game can accommodate a variety of tasks - reading words, identify flashcards, answering questions anything as long as the task is quick to do. Players will need a group counter to represent their spaceship. Players choose a starting number - if they can't agree add up their ages or birthday months. The highest and most dangerous starting space is 50. Next decide on the power of the Black Hole. Set the timer between 10 - 50 seconds and then set it going.

In turn, each player is given a task. If the player succeeds they get to roll the dice and move the marker forwards and outwards away from the Black Hole. If the spaceship finishes on a gray circle the player must roll again and move the spaceship backwards. This can happen multiple times in a row. When moving forwards if a roll carries the spaceship over a grey circle the spaceship must stop on that space. The next player must be successful in their challenge or roll to go backwards.

If the players get back to Earth they win the game. If they end up past 50 but before the Black Hole then the next dice roll must carry them beyond 50 otherwise they will have to roll and move backwards again. Every time the timer goes the players must roll for the Black Hole and move the spaceship backwards.


Agree a finishing time. If the players can survive to the finishing time they can claim a draw. Alternatively use the timer for the duration of the game and roll for the Black Hole once every 3-6 turns. With 3-6 players you can roll for the Black Hole after every player has had a turn.

If the players want more challenge then add another dice. Roll each dice in alternate turns. If a dice roll equals the previous roll from the other dice then the Black Hole pulses and the players must move backwards rather than forwards! When rolling for the Black Hole a matching role causes another throw. This is in addition to rerolls for landing on a grey circle.

If the players are super confident then add a third dice. This means that there is a 1 in 3 chance every throw that the Black Hole will strike...


Avoid using this game with groups that have weak rapport or don't handle pressure well. Individuals may get blamed for mistakes.


Black Hole Board