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Co-operative Quiz

Target: Variable teamwork
Age: children and up
Duration: 10 minutes & up
Class Size: Small group and up
Energy Level: moderate
Type: Co-operative Quiz
Equipment: Whiteboard, magnets, game pieces

Introduction: Typically quizzes are competitive but it doesn't need to be that way - it all depends upon the game structure used. In a co-operative quiz players work together to achieve some objective. The objective can influence the game rules. Two examples follow.

Fox Hunt

This game was created for a class focusing on British culture. As created the objective is to help the fox escape

Set Up: Place the hunters at the extreme left of the board, the fox somewhere in the middle and the obstacles anywhere. The more obstacles in front of the fox and the further from the cave the more difficult the win.

Procedure: Divide the players into four teams. Ask a yes/no question. Each team decides on an answer. If necessary record the choices of each team on the board (one way is to make a table with three columns, one for the team name, one for yes, and one for no and then place magnets in the yes/no columns according to the answers given by the teams).

After all teams have chosen reveal the answer. The fox moves one card length for every correct answer and the hunters one card length for every mistake. The fox needs 2 movement points to clear a hedge, 3 to clear a fence and 4 to clear a wall - i.e. one more than the value of the obstacle. If the fox doesn't have enough points left it must stop that turn. If it has spare movement points it may continue. The hunters can always clear an obstacle but that always ends their movement for the turn.

Winning: The players claim victory if the fox can reach the cave. If the fox is caught they loose.

Variation: Rather than asking yes/no questions ask any question and teams write down their answers and then reveal them at the same time.

Football (soccer)

Set Up: Draw a football pitch on the board and divide it into at least 12 spaces. Scatter the football players randomly across the board. It is not necessary to use all of them. Leave at least half the spaces on the board empty. Place the ball in the middle and decide on a time limit for each half (Football is a game of two halves!) and set the timer going.

Procedure: The players should decide what team they are playing for and what team they are playing against. Though all the players are on the same side divide the players into teams. One idea is to make one team for every soccer player on the board (of one colour). In turn ask each team a a question. If the team can answer correctly one member may roll a six sided dice and the ball is moved towards the opposing team's goal. If the answer is incorrect the dice roll moves the ball backwards

If the ball finishes in a space occupied by a soccer player the dice is thrown again. The direction depends upon which team the player belongs to. Keep rolling the dice until the ball ends up in an empty space. Move on to the next team and ask them a question.

Play continues in this way until the ball crosses a goal line at which point a goal-keeper question is asked. This should be slightly more difficult. All Players may confer. A correct answer goes the players way, scoring or saving a goal accordingly. An incorrect answer goes against the players in the same way. If a goal is scored the ball is returned to the middle and play continues from there. If the goal-keeper makes a save throw the dice and move the ball accordingly. Sometimes this might result in the ball coming back again if it lands on a striker.

At half time flip all the soccer players over so they are facing the other way but leave them where they are. Play the second half in the same way as the first.

Winning: The players claim victory if they have more goals at the end of the match.

Note: The description above assumes the games are being played in a large class. It is preferable to have teams but it is possible for players to play individually. The football game could be played as a competitive game. Other themes are certainly possible. If you have a theme in mind and need some help let me know.


Football PDF File A4, 1 page, 408 KB
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