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Nose Nose Nose

Target: Parts of the body verbal
Age: Toddlers & Young children
Duration: 1-2 minutes
Class Size: Any
Energy Level: Moderate
Type: Active
Equipment: None

This is an English version of a tradition Japanese game for youngsters. Chant "Nose. nose, nose" and tap your nose at the same time with both forefingers. Complete the line by saying another body part and touch that at the same time. For example,if you said "Nose, nose, nose - ears" you'd finish touching both ears. Then go back to the beginning. Develop a rhythm. Having a minute pause before saying the target body part can create a little tension and extra fun.


  1. Introduce the idea of plurals by sometimes saying ear, rather than ears, leg instead of legs etc. When doing this use just one hand. If the children use both hands just wave your free hand at them and then point at the other hand. When doing this really over stress the ' z' when saying the plural. Once they begin to get the idea you can cut down on stressing the 'z' and say the plural normally.
  2. Have the children touch something else, for example a chair, the floor, a table etc.
  3. Occasionally pretend you are going to sneeze, pause,take a breath, hold your nose with both hands and then slowly let the air out. Give a sigh of relief and then carry on with the game. Very occasionally you can actually sneeze. If you do remember to cover your mouth!

Note: Thanks to Kazuko Koyama for introducing this came to me.

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