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Many Japanese speak English. But they do not think our thoughts. They worship at other shrines; profess another creed; observe a different code. They can no more be moved by Christian pacifism than wolves by the bleating of sheep. We have to deal with a people whose values are in many respects altogether different from our own.

Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

The Mission of Japan, 1937

During Golden Week - not vs never

During Golden Week SheetDuring Golden Week Sheet

This is a quick worksheet focusing on the difference between not and never. Students work in pairs and for each image produce one of three possible sentences as summarised by an example using the Hiroshmia Flower Festival:

Worksheet detail: during Golden Week

For students who are unfamiliar with the present perfect tense I usually draw a time line with a baby on the left and now somewhere on the right. . I use myself as an example and write my age on the timeline. Something like this:

Timeline baby

With non-adult (less age sensitive) students I'll renforce the idea by adding further lines with their own ages. I'll stress that if they did an activity just once during their lives then that means that they have done it.

There are two versions of the sheet one with spaces for labelling the activites and one without. A further consideration is deciding which verb to use with which activity. Dig/dug/dug the garden (or a hole) is straight forward. How about using a hoola-hoop? Or is that playing with or exercise using or something else?

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