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Maze Challenge

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Target: vocabulary, numbers logic
Age: elementary aged and up
Duration: 5 - 10 minutes?
Class Size: Small Groups (large class possible)
Energy Level: medium
Type: Co-operative Whiteboard game
Equipment: Up & Down Board, Marker, Timer

Introduction: The example given here uses Halloween Vocabulary. The idea is not limited to Halloween.

Preparation: One player becomes the Maze Master and using the sheet designs a maze. The maze should have one entrance at the bottom and one exit at the top. Alternatively the teacher may prepare mazes in advance and give them to the Maze Master. The players are given a blank sheet. They have to find their way through an invisible maze.

Method of play: Decide on a time limit and set the timer. One player becomes the maze master. Players try to trace a path through the maze. In turn each player (or team) names one item. If the move is legitimate the Maze Master calls out “”OK”. But if the players attempt to move through a wall the Maze Master calls out “Wall” and the players must start over from the beginning

Example Maze: With four players, play may go as follows) Player One: “Gravestone” (OK), Player Two: “Ghost” (Wall! Start again!). Player Three: “Gravestone” (OK), Player Four: “Black Cat” (OK), Player One: “Mummy” ((Wall! Start again!).

Players should use the blank maze sheet to help them. Different rules can be used. For example, players could draw in the walls and/or use a coin or marker to keep track of where they are. The most challenging way is to do it by memory alone.

Note: In the example a team of four is presented. This activity works well in pairs. Give each pair three sheets and a counter. Each player devises a maze for their partner to do. While going through the maze the partner uses the blank sheet and the marker.

This Halloween example also uses 16 different vocabulary items. It is possible to repeat items which may work better from the point of view of re-enforcing vocabulary. However, if an item is used more than once be careful to make sure that the items are kept apart. Be wary of creating a confusing board where the same item can be moved to twice from one square. See the diagram opposite - in the top example there is a problem moving to a spider from the skull - which spider? The bottom example doesn't have this problem.

getfile: Maze Challenge

PDF File A3, 2 pages, 1.35 MB (makes a B3 Halloween board)

PDF File B5, 1 page, 806 KB (B5 Hallowen Sheet)

PDF File B5, 1 page, 12 KB (B5 blank)

Occupations Version: JPG File, B5, 1 page, 430 KB

artist, boxer, carpenter, conductor, cook, dentist, doctor, farmer, fisherman, postman, sailor, singer, soccer player, teacher, tennis player

Christmas Version: JPG File, A4, 1 page, 209 KB

angel, bell, candle, candy cane, chimney, Christmas Cake, Christmas stocking, Christmas tree, elf, ornament, present, Santa Claus, snowman, star, winter, wreath

graphic kindly provided by David Lisgo

Winter Activities: PDF File, B5, 2 pages, 1,419 KB

Because of the layout requires using pronouns: he, she, it, they

Side 1: playing ice hockey, skating, skiing, snowboarding
Side 2: curling, ice fishing, making a snowman, tobogganing

Questions: PDF File, B5, 2 pages, 2.74 mb

What, where, when, who, whose, which, why, how

Side 1: Images
Side 2: Words

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