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Worksong (Ailsa's Song)

Oops, I'm sorry
Bump, I'm sorry
Crash, I'm sorry
Sorry, sorry, sorry

Yawn, I'm sorry
Burp, I'm sorry
Fart, I'm sorry
Sorry, sorry, sorry

This song came into being through a discussion on the ETJ Activites List about how to get young Japanese children to say sorry to each other when appropriate in English.

For children to use any language it must feel natural for them to do so. Children are more likely to want to use language when it impresses them or captures their imagination. Whether this song does either remains to be seen. It hasn't been used in any children's classes yet. Feel free to try it out!

Currently it features an interlude with sound effects. Children may enjoy shouting "I'm sorry!" after each one.

If you do use the song please contact me and I'll post the comments below. Most of the words were put together by Ailsa (hence the name).

11th February 2005

getfile: Sorry (Ailsa's Song)

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