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War, What is it Good For?

American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) eloquent and effective opponents of war

AntiWar.com the best place to get the world daily press coverage on the topic of WAR

Anti-War Joint Action Committee "Occupation is not LIberation. No war for Empire"

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists an eyeopener

Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases CAAB is a campaign grounded in a deep concern and opposition to weapons of mass destruction in general and nuclear weapons in particular. CAAB is focussed on American bases in the UK and abroad.

Center for Cooperative Research Coming together to document the historical record [on war]

Center for Defense Information The nation's foremost independent military research organization

Cost of War in Iraq "Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed."

The Council for a Livable World working for Arms Control & Non-Proliferation and Peace

Downwinders NUCLEAR weapons: Welcome America, We're All Downwinders Now!

Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) The USA's oldest pacifist group

The Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space the name says it all

images against war Visual statements against war

Institute for War and Peace Reporting UK based news source covering conflict around the world

International Action Center Ramsey Clark's indispensible anti war center-- one of the most courageous antiwar voices in our midst


National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee The nation's best clearinghouse for information, counseling, and local contacts for those interested in refusing to pay for war.

Operation Iraqi Freedom "Action Cards"! September 11, Getting even...

Peace Action Washington D.C. based lobbying group

Real History Archives the name says it all

Regular Everyday People.com Put a Human Face on War: Photo gallery from Iraq that the war-mongering corporate media (which is owned by the same companies that make and profit from the bombs they drop) won't show you!

School of the Americas Watch The US Army School of Americas (SOA), based in Fort Benning, Georgia, trains Latin American soldiers in combat, counter-insurgency, and counter-narcotics. Graduates of SOA are responsible for some of the worst human rights abuses in Latin America.

The Sunshine Project research and facts about biological weapons and biotechnology

Voices In The Wilderness challenging Iraq sanctions: delivering donated food, medical, and public health supplies to Iraqis

Waging Peace.org how dare they!

warREPORTS.com in depth reportage on war

War Resisters League ...affirms that all war is a crime against humanity. We therefore are determined not to support any kind of war, international or civil, and to strive nonviolently for the removal of all causes of war.

What Really Happened.com "This website is non-partisan, anti-war, and anti-lie. The purpose of this site is to expose deceptions by governments and media used to trick the public into wars and out of their money."

Wilcox, Richard U.S. Militarism, Global Instability and Environmental Destruction

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom


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