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Democratic Media Index

Human Rights

Amnesty International working to protect human rights worldwide

Child Welfare League

Civil Liberties Watch Warning of the slide toward fascism...

Coop America's Sweatshops.org Solutions for a global problem

Cultural Survival fighting to save indigenous peoples from the ravages of the industrial world

Environmental Justice/Environmental Racism annotated links, excellent action site!

Feminist Foundation Online take action for women and girls

Global Exchange fighting for global justice

Jubillee Plus Supporting Economic Justice Campaigns Worldwide ...addressing the third world debt crisis

Survival International to protect tribal peoples

The Drug Reform Coordination Network "Raising Awareness of the Consequences of Drug Prohibition"

Tolerance.org Fight hate and promote tolerance

Universal Living Wage Campaign we must ensure that every working American is paid a Fair Living Wage.

Womens Enews bridging the gender gap everyday

Working Group on Community Right-To-Know Know about pollution and health

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