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World Military Spending

World Military SpendingAccording to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute military expenditure for the world in 2015 was $1,676,000,000,000. That works out at a around $39,288 a second. Down on the previous year.

The download file presents figures for the top 10 spenders in various formats:

  1. Guess The Country. Students guess the country from hints given by the teacher.
  2. Dictation: All The Numbers.
  3. Dictation: Hourly Spend.
  4. Pairwork: Missing Lines
  5. Pairwork: Fill The Gaps.

Choose the appropriate sheets according to the class concerned. The sheets also ask students to consider which country is the most militaristic and why. Students might also like to consider what else could be done with the money.

getfile: World Military Spending

PDF File B5, 8 pages (70kb)

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