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Wordsearch Reading - The Titanic

Magic E sheet 2b

This is a sheet for using in class. With wordsearch reading sheets the students can first read the short passage themselves and then try to find the coloured words. Alternatively, the teacher can read the sheet pausing at the coloured words and giving space for the students to say the word that comes next. Or the teacher can read a sentence and the students repeat aloud. Or some variation.

With word searches I think it is important to avoid the scenario where students spend time shading or colouring words. Better to spend the time doing something else. So when introducing one for the first time make sure they just circle words they find, and nothing else.

In class I often do word searches communally. Students can learn how to describe their finds. "People is in the first row", "Hit is the third column" etc. I often use time limits as well - 12 words shouldn't take more than 5-6 minutes. The time limit can become a challenge. Ready, steady, go!

After finding all the words comes the task of checking meaning and understanding. Students can ask about individual words they don't know. However, this sheet has some pictorial clues and two sections on the back to aid with comprehension.

Students can answer the questions for themselves and then practise asking them to each other in groups of up to six. No space for names is given as it is assumed that the students will know each other. After the mini interviews students can take turns reporting back, eg "Two of us own kites" (or "Two of us have kites")

With the True or False section students can take turns reading the statements and then guess the answer. Sometimes we use counters that can be held in the hand (green for yes and red for no), An alternative is to hold out a hand flat and then on the go signal (three, two, one..) make thumbs up for true or thumbs up for down. Either way, use the sheet to record the real answer. Not all worksheets need to be done in isolation, they can be communal activities.


Wordsearch reading - The Titanic B5, 2 pages (217 KB)

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