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Spot the Difference

Spot the Difference - Airport

Spot the Difference pictures can be interesting for any age group. The example here has been used with children four years old and younger, as well as with adults.

For children it is sufficient for them to compare the two pictures and find the differences by direct observation. Older children can then be asked to explain or comment on the differences. Capable speakers can be divided into two groups and take turns asking questions or making statements to discover the differences by only looking at one sheet at a time.

For children who are learning to read looking at the pictures and finding the differences first before tackling a reading sheet is beneficial. It helps them to understand the meaning of what they are decoding. Focusing on the differences gives some context to understand new words.

put up mid May, 2004

getfile: Sample Sheet

Spot the differences - at the airport (1.50 MB)

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