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Say And Trace

During Golden Week SheetYoung children need lots of practise to build up their fine motor skills. It's also useful if they have a keyword to associate with each sound. Say and Trace sheets bring these elements together. The idea is to chant and trace at the same time. Touch a picture with the tip of the pencil, say the word. Then trace the letter and say the sound as it is traced. Continue with the next picture. Once the whole line is complete say the whole chant in one go while touching each picture and letter. Do it slowly then quickly. Make the whole process as gamelike as possible. Something the children will want to do again at home.

it's definitively worth spending time when first introducing say and trace sheets. It's important for the children to realise that rhythm and intonation go hand in had with tracing. Tracing is not a race, nor should it be a silent activity.

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