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Resolutions WorksheetNew Year is traditionally the time for making resolutions. New Year Resolutions are easy to make and easy to forget. They can be hard to keep because they are usually big and stretch on indefinitely and relentlessly.

Over the years I've been getting Adult students to experiment with making monthly resolutions. I hand out the sheet opposite and students decide if and what resolutions they are going to keep. After the month is up we review what people did and how successful they were in sticking with their plans.

It can be an interesting exercise in self discovery. Some students get very enthusiastic and attempt more than they they can practically do. Others surprise themselves by being able to make a learning plan and stick with it.

I encourage students to make plans they feel they can keep and to be as flexible. For example, choosing to do something 7 times a week is more flexible than every day which gives no leeway.

I think it's important that the students sign the sheet as a way of making a formal agreement with themselves. Sometimes a student will decide that he or she is too busy to commit to any additional English. In such cases I still usually get them to sign that they will doing nothing. Choosing not to do something can be a positive choice.

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