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Both One Neither

Recently, I've been experimenting with pairwork sheets. The idea was to give children some practise at reading but also to think about what they are saying.

With these sheets partners take turns reading sentences to each other. Each partner then checks whether the sentence is true. Partners then mark their sheets accordingly. There are three check boxes for each statement. If the statement is true for both then the 'both' box is checked. If the statement is true for one partner, then the 'one' box is checked. If the statement is true for neither, the 'neither' box is checked.

This format seems to work well but needs introducing carefully. Before using the worksheets for the first time I played a game with some coloured counters. I took a couple in my hand and gave instructions in turn. The challenge for the children was to guess what I meant. Gradually I'd vary the number and colour to make the instruction more complex. Here are some examples:

© © "Take one counter."
© © "Take both counters."
© © "Take neither counter."
© © © "Take one of the red counters"
© © © "Take both counters of the same colour."
© © © "Take neither of the red counters"
© © © © "Take neither of the blue counters"
© © © © "Take some of the counters."
© © © © © "Take all the counters"
© © © © © "Take one counter of each colour."

My longer term goal is to help provide some of the language children can use to do 'spot the difference' exercises.

It's possible that students could dictate sentences to each other but I haven't used these sheets for that purpose.

getfile: Both One Neither Sheets

Sheet 1 - toilet and pig (667 KB)
Sheet 4 - caveman
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Sheet 6 - men with banner

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