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Ed Makes History

Here's a short video from BBC World News (11 March 2017) about singer-songwriter Ed Sheeron's takeover of the British Pop Charts. The first time around the video can be played with the sound turned off and the students can take turns making quick sentences about what they can see.

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Quiz Questions

Here's a list of questions compiled for a random quiz. Some are easy, some difficult. Having a quiz provides a reason to watch a video more than once. Students can try and find the answers to questions they have missed the first time around.

No. Question Answer
1. According to the report who has made music history? Ed Sheeran
2. What's the date of the report? 11 March 2017
3. What's the name of Ed Sheeran's third album Divide
4. ow many tracks from "Divide are in the UK Top Twenty All of them
5. ow many tracks from "Divide are in the UK Top 10 9
6. How old is Ed Sheeran 26
7. Where is Ed Sheeran from? >Suffolk
8. How many tracks does Ed Sheeran's third album include 16
9. What two streaming services does the report mention Spotify and Apple Music
10. How many stream of a track equal one sale 150
11. How many streams did Ed Sheeron have in the week of the report? 110 million
12. How many sales did Ed Sheeron have in the week of the report? 733,000
13. How many downloads did Ed Sheeron have in the week of the report? 164,000
14. What does Ed Sheeron think about the singles chart system? Something has gone wrong
15. What's the name of the managing director of the Offical Chart Company? Martin Talbot?
16. What's the name of the BBC Arts Edito? Will Gompertz
17. What's the first song we hear on the report Shape of You
18. At the time of the report how many weeks has "Shape of You been number one? 9
19. What instrument do we see Ed Sheeron playing? A guitar
20. What colour is Will Gompert's shirt? Blue
21. Which radio station do we hear Ed Sheeron speaking on? Radio 1
22. Which album is the fast selling record ever released by a male artist? Divide
23. How many press-ups do we see Ed Sheeron do? 3
24. Why does Ed Sheeron look surpised in the promotional video? His opponent is a Sumo Wrestler?
25. What colour is used to identify Ed Sheeron's tracks on the Singles Chart? Red
26. How does Ed Sheeron feel about something go wrong? Very, very happy
27. What mathematical symbol do we see in the background? A divide symbol
28. Spell Sheeran. S-H-E-E-R-A-N
29. What's on the necklace of the BBC studio presenter? A cross
30. What vehicle do we see behind Ed Sheeran when he is running? A Freight train

If you use the video let me know how it goes.


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