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Cars in Japan

Here's a short video from the BBC's Asian Business Report (!0 February 2017). Before showing the video I usually ask students to describe any cars their family has. I usually check to see what car specific vocabulary they know (steering wheel, indicators, accelerator, breaks etc). One way to do this is to draw a picture on the board and then get the students to label it. One thing I focus on before showing the picture is to make sure they know what fuel consumption means and speed limits (miles per hour and kilometres per hour).

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Quiz Questions

Here's a list of questions compiled for a random quiz. Some are easy, some very difficult. Having a quiz provides a reason to watch a video more than once. Students can try and find the answers to questions they have missed the first time around.

No. Question Answer
1. Who had a meeting? Prime Minister Abe & President Trump
2. Where is the BBC correspondent based? In Tokyo
3. What has Mr Trump accused Japan of? Unfair trade practises
4. What's the name of the TV program? Asia Business Report
5. What's the number of the parking slot the test drive starts from? 37
6. In the photo of Abe and Trump who is at the front? Abe is
7. What's the name of the correspondent? Rupert Winfield Hayes
8. Repeat the Donald Trump quote. They do things that make it impossible for us to sell cars in Japan
9. How many American cars were sold last year in Japan? 13,000
10. How fast is the American car going when we see the Speedometer? 25 mph
11. What does mph mean on the American speedometer? Miles per hour
12. What's the colour of the American car? Black
13. What's the fuel consumption of the American car? 9.6 MPG
14. How much better is the fuel consumption for Japanese cars over American ones? About double
15. Talking about fuel consumption what does MPG mean? Miles per gallon
16. What's the colour of the Japanese Car? Metallic brown
17. What has changed between the start of both test drives? A car has parked
18. What two adjectives does the reporter use to describe the size of Kei cars? Tiny & little
19. What are very small cars called in Japan? Kei Cars
20. Spell "Kei Car K-E-I-C-A-R
21. What's the maximum size a Kei engine can be? 660 cc (63hp)
22. What's the maximum width of a Kei car? 1.48 metres (one and a half metres)
23. What's the maximum length of a Kei car 3.4 metres
24. How many Kei cars were sold in Japan last year? 1.7 million
25. How many cars are sold in Japan every year? 4.25 million (1.7 divided by 4 times 10)
26. What percentage of cars sold in Japan are Kei cars? 40%
27. How many foreign cars does the reporter count on one street? five
28. What kind of foreign car does the reporter see the most of? Mercades
29. Which country exports the most cars to Japan Germany
30. What percentage of Japanese car imports come from Germany? Nearly 70%
31. What's the name of the lady German car fan? Eri Kubota
32. What American car did the lady interviewed once own? A Jeep Cherokee
33. What did the lady interviewed like about the American car she owned? She liked the look
34. What was one thing the lady interviewed didn't like about her American car It felt cheap / not safe to drive
35. What's the basic tax on cars imported into Japan? 0%
36. What's the tax on Japanese cars imported into the United States? Up to 25%
37. What is 2017 in Roman Numerals? MMXVII
38. Where are most Japanese homes? On narrow streets with small parking places
39. Name two reasons Japanese people don't buy American cars. Too big, the steering wheel is on the wrong side, poor fuel consumption
40. What adjective is used to describe the size of the American car? huge ('uge)

If you use the video let me know how it goes.


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