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Not Scary!

This a kamishibai story. The story is told through a series of picture cards. You'll need to download both files and print out the front and then return the cards to your printer and print out the back. To use the cards stack them in order with card one on top and card 13 at the bottom. The picture side should be face up. When telling the story show the top card and read the text on the back card.. After reading the text move the front card to the back to display the next picture. The text for card two is on the back of card one. In this story the text gets longer and longer until the terrifying ending!

When I've used this story with young children I always get their agreement to continue before going to the next card. Sometimes a group of children will decide that the monster in the story is too scary! If so, I finish the story and return to it another time.

getfile: Not Scary!

PDF File Not Scary! (front) - A4, 13 pages, 1.87 MB

PDF File Not Scary! (fback) - A4, 13 pages, 1.66 MB

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