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Sunday! (Days of the week)

Function: Song/Game Words: 28 Duration: 1:00
Aim: learn the days of the week

Monday, Tuesday, Wendesday, Thursday. Friday, Saturday, Sunday!

Monday, Tuesday, Wendesday, Thursday. Friday, ... Sunday!

Monday, Tuesday, Wendesday, Thursday, ... Sunday!

Monday, Tuesday, Wendesday, ... Sunday!

Monday, Tuesday, ... Sunday!

Monday, ... Sunday!

... Sunday!


This song is much more exciting than a cursory glance at the lyrics would suggest. It utilizes the idea of dropping words. This turns the song into a kind of game with the challange to sing "Sunday" on beat. Dropping words puts children into the position of needing to sing the song in their minds. This gives them the experience of thinking in English. This is super important for fluency.


I usualy present this song with flashcards. It can become a kind of performance with me struggling to keep the rhythm and present the right card at the right time. Incidentally, when using cards have them in order so that you move them from back to front - this is much easier than trying the reverse.

Initially get the children to join in with Sunday! only. As they grow in confidence let them take over the singing.

Oh, the included cards show symbols for the days based on the Japanese names for them.


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