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Vampire Castle

Target: vocabulary review horror
Age: elementary aged and up
Duration: 15 - 30 minutes
Class Size: three to six players
Energy Level: low (but can get tense)
Type: Co-operative Board game
Equipment: Downloadable file (win)

I made this game to review Halloween related vocabulary. As a teaching tool it can be used with any vocabulary. It could also be used to introduce new vocabulary so long as some know vocabulary is included and there are not too many new words .

To use the game as a teaching tool you'll need some flashcards. Rules for playing the game without cards are also included.

To play the game download the PDF file and follow the instructions. Hopefully they make sense. Please send a message if they don't The board is A4 sized though enlarging it using a photocopier may make it easier to sit around and more attractive to play.

getfile: Vampire Castle

PDF File (Size: 3.59 MB)

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