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Target: interjection, listening verbal
Age: elementary aged and up
Duration: around 5 minutes
Class Size: Play in pairs
Energy Level: low
Type: Noncompetitive Activity
Equipment: flashcards

This game is played in pairs. Each pair receives a number of flashcards. Start off with three (this makes the game pretty easy). As players get better increase the number of cards.

The first player looks at the cards a moment, then shuffles them. After this the player may not look at the cards again. The player should take care to keep the cards in order otherwise the game can become impossible.

The first player holds the pack in such a way that the second player can see one card. The first player names the card. If the guess is correct the second player says "Uh-huh". If the guess is wrong the second player says "Uh-uh". Mouse over the diagram below to hear what I mean!

Regardless of answer the card goes to the back of the deck and the first player names the next card. The second player says "Uh-huh" or "Uh-uh" accordingly. The game continues until either the first player succeeds in getting a number of "Uh-huh" (yes) answers as there are flashcards, or gives up in frustration.

Roles should be reversed so that both players get a chance to guess and practise uh-huhing.

This is a game that some adults are very bad at! They forget to count the number of cards and end up guessing wildly.

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