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Throw A Laugh!

Target: Raising energy, building/checking rapport mime
Age: Not for petulant teens
Duration: 1 minute or less
Class Size: Any
Energy Level: High?
Type: Active
Equipment: None

This is an activity that can bring on hysterics or totally fail to take off. So be prepared to move on if nobody warms to it. Start by throwing an imaginary ball. Aim to get the ball thrown from one person to another. Once the idea of throwing an imaginary ball is accepted and established (which may take a couple of sessions) you can move on to stage two., Announce that you will now throw a laugh. Begin laughing and after a few seconds mime throwing the laugh. Immediately stop laughing. The person who catches the laugh starts laughing and then throws the laugh to someone else. And that's it.

Notes: If you work with parents and toddlers then this is something for the parents to do and the toddlers to observe and maybe join in with. This is also an activity that is much easier to do if you are working with a partner. You can throw the laugh to your partner back and forth to establish the idea. If throwing a laugh is too difficult you can throw other things such as a smile, a whistle, a jump, a spin, gesture. It's important to throw something that others can actually do and also want to do or can enjoy doing.

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