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Snow Escape

Target: Various chase
Age: elementary aged and up
Duration: varies: 8 to 20 minutes?
Class Size: any
Energy Level: moderate
Type: whiteboard game
Equipment: board, playing pieces magnets

Storyline: You're out cross-country skiing with some friends when suddenly something horrible is hunting you. Quickly you race for home! Help! Help! Phone the fire brigade!

Preparation: This is a whiteboard game. It uses playing pieces and a special dice (never day die!). They can be downloaded below. You'll need magnets or tape to fix the pieces to the whiteboard during play.

To make the skiers print out the sheets and fold them in half and glue so that the same coloured slug is on the back of each skier. There are 8 skiers to choose from. It's probably best not to use more than 6 in a single game.

To make the dice print out the graphic onto card or use paper and glue it to card.

Set Up: Divide the players into teams. Each team chooses a skier.To start place the house at the right edge of the whiteboard. This is the goal. Place the skiers somewhere in the middle. Place the Giant Slug at the left edge of the Whiteboard. Experiment with the distances and see which works best. The shorter the distances the shorter the game.

Play: Start with one team. Give them a task (eg ask a question, answer a question, identify a flashcard etc). Move quickly from one team to the next. If no team can achieve the task move the giant snow slug. Each time you give a task start with a different group and go around. Whenever a team succeeds in a task, let them roll the dice.

If the slug is rolled, move the giant slug. If a blue star is rolled move all the skiers forward one. If a red star is rolled move one other skier forward one. If a 2 or a 3 is rolled move that team (either skier or slug).

All playing pieces move a distance equal to their own length. This means that the Giant Slug moves faster!

Any skier caught by a slug (giant or otherwise) becomes a small slug. The team keeps rolling the dice upon completing a task.

The game ends either when all skiers have become slugs or when one skier makes it home and telephones for help.


The storyline is important. It is worth stressing that the skiers are friends. This isn't intended as competitive game though it could be played as a race. It isn't co-operative in the true sense in that teams are not required to help each other in order to succeed. It's non-competitive in that it is every man (skier) for himself.

It's very possible to change the rules. Experiment with what the two stars mean. It is possible to keep playing after one skier gets home. The class could score one point for every skier brought to safety.

The game is flexible in that it can be used with different kinds of tasks. I've made different versions using different themes so if you would like a different theme let me know.

Alternative Version: Forest Escape

A hiking we will go
A hiking we will go
Oh look, a wood goblin
Oh no, oh no, oh no!

You're out hiking with your friends when suddenly something unpleasant is coming through the undergrowth - a horrid wood goblin. Run away, run away before he gets you. Get back to the cottage and get Granny, she'll know what to do.

Original Version: Ocean Escape

You’re out scuba diving with some friends when suddenly you’re not alone. Something ‘orrible is coming for you. Swim for the beach - it’s your only chance!

getfile: Snow/Forest/Ocean Escape

Snow Escape PDF File (A4, 4 pages, 662 KB)
Forest Escape PDF File (A4, 4 pages, 663 KB)
Ocean Escape PDF File (A4, 4 pages, 1.25 mb)

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