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Target: Icebreaker paper
Age: kindergarten aged and up
Duration: varies: 3 to 5 minutes?
Class Size: the larger the better
Energy Level: moderate
Type: Party activity
Equipment: scrap paper, pens

This is party activity. It can also be used as an ice-breaker. I'm not sure where I first came across it but I think this variation is my own.

Every player is given a sheet of scrap paper and a pen or pencil. Everyone has twenty seconds to draw something that fits a chosen theme: Christmas, Halloween, animals, whatever. Be strict with the time limit. Pens and pencils are then collected and the players scrunch up their paper into a paper "snow" ball.

Players now divide into two groups and on the given signal have a snowball fight using the snowballs. Allow the fight to continue until all the balls are truly mixed up. Each player then gets a piece of paper, opens it and attempts to find who drew the picture and what the picture is.


A major variation is to have the players try to throw the snowballs into a basket rather than at each other. The key rules are:

  1. Players must be seated when throwing the snowballs
  2. The basket is carried around the room on someone's back

A recording of Ella Fitzgerald's version of the song Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow is good BGM for the game, though I usually fade the music out after a couple of minutes rather than go for the whole song.

When I first came up with this game I used the game at an adults party and it was competitive. I gave each team paper of a different colour. Afterwards we counted the balls in turn to find out which team had scored the most. We skipped writing names or drawing pictures and made snowballs directly. With children I've had them write their names on the paper and then used the basket as a source to draw names randomly for other activities.

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