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Single Letter Sentence Strips

Target: Reading & Listening Practise rhythm
Age: kindergarten age possible and up
Duration: 4 to 10 minutes
Class Size: any (pairwork)
Energy Level: low
Type: Matching Game
Equipment: Sentence Strips

This began as an experiment and now is something more. Interested readers are invited to download the sample cards provided and develop their own cards for themselves.

The idea is simple. Each partner has a matching set of sentences composed of a single letter sound. One partner takes a card and without showing it reads it aloud. The other partner tries to find the matching strip. Various games can be developed from this premise.

Hang On! What's a single letter sentence?

See for yourself! Here are some sample cards. Click on the card to hear the sentence being read:

It's easy to identify the cards with one or two letters but careful listening and rhythm are essential to be able to separate the cards containing three and four letters.

Matching Activities

Here are some ideas to make reading the cards game-like:

Teacher - Student: The teacher reads one card. The student has the cards spread out on the table and tries to identify the correct card. When the student has found the matching card. The teacher reads out the next card. Players should experience both roles.

Match Mine: Both players keep their cards in the hand. One player reads a card and the second player selects a card to match. At a given signal both players reveal their cards. Are they the same?

Match Stack: A more complex version of Match Mine. Instead of revealing the cards the players place them face down opposite each other. Players alternate at reading a card and finding the matching card. Chosen cards are stacked on top of each other. When all cards have been read players take their stacks and turn the corresponding cards over one at a time. Players score one point for each match.

Other Activities Using The Same Idea

Guess the tune: play in groups. Players take turns singing well known songs. The catch is a player may only sing using a single pre-determined letter. Can the other players guess the tune?

Dictation: One player reads a single letter sentence and the others in the group write it down. Players can write their own sentences for dictation or use pre-prepared cards.

getfile: Sample: "a" sentence strips

PDF File A4, 2 pages, 879 KB

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