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Parrot Parade

Target: review vocabulary, mimicary verbal
Age: toddlers possible & Up
Duration: 2 minutes plus
Class Size: Any
Energy Level: moderate to high
Type: Active
Equipment: parrot flag, music

Whose a Pretty Boy then?Parrot Parade works like this. Everyone lines up behind the person holding the parrot flag who acts as a leader. Music is played. The line dances around the room following the actions of the leader and mimicking what the leader says and does. Whenever the music stops the leader hands on the flag to the next in line and runs to the back. Continue until the music is over or everyone has had enough. With large groups it's possible to have more than one parade by using more than one flag.

We created our own Parrot Parade music. It includes a Zarunna. When the Zarunna sounds that it the single to change leaders. Listen and it will be obvious. You can download the music below. For more on the parrot flag click here. See also the article Beyond Repetition.

getfile: Parrot Parade

Near CD Quality Version 1.58 MB

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