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Okay (No Way!) Tag

Target: voicing agreement or objection


Age: elementary aged and up
Duration: 2-3 minutes per round
Class Size:

Any (but 4-6 players per round)

Energy Level: high
Type: Miming Activity
Equipment: animal flashcards

This is similar to One Step Forward but has subtle differences. It is a miming game.


Players stand at one end of the room. A safe zone is created at the other end of the room. The game leader stands in the middle of the room with three animal flashcards and a monster card. The cards should be very familiar to the players. Go through the cards so that the players know what they are.

To play the leader shuffles the cards. The first player mimes an animal. If the mime is correct that player takes one step forward. If the mime is incorrect the leader says, "No way" and the second player has a guess.

After every "Okay" the leader shuffles the cards and chooses a new one. The leader only shuffles the cards on an "Okay" result. Eventually the leader will draw the monster card and one of the players will mime being the monster. This time the leader calls out "Monster!" Both the leader and the monster mimer become monsters and chase the other players to the safe area.


  1. In addition to doing the mime the player also names the animal.
  2. Instead of using animal cards use three occupation cards.
  3. The game leader is caller only. Only the player doing the monster mime becomes a monster. This can be a good way to introduce the game the first time it is played.


If playing with a large group take turns. Either switch all the players every time or allow those who escape to the safe zone (or a monster who tags someone) to remain. If using the second option set a timer and assuming players want to continue when the timer goes take the opportunity to switch all players.

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