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Mr Kangaroo - May I jump?

Target: May I? fun
Age: younger children and up
Duration: 3 minutes & up
Class Size: Small group and up
Energy Level: high
Type: Active delayed tag game
Equipment: None

Introduction: This is a varient of a traditional game and similar to One Step Forward. What is described here is a favourite with kindergarten children.

Procedure: The teacher becomes Mr Kanagaroo and stands at one end of the room facing away from the players. One at a time each player asks, "Mr Kangaroo, may I jump." Mr Kangaroo replies as he likes. Here are some examples:

Yes, you may - take two rabbit jumps.

Yes, take three tiger jumps.

No, you may not!

Yes, take four crab jumps (the player jumps sideways)

Yes, you may - take one snail jump (the player jumps backwards)

The players jump as Mr Kangaroo indicates. When one child tags Mr Kangaroo this is the signal for Mr Kangaroo to turn round and chase the players back to the starting line.

Notes: As players jump individually It's best to limit the number of players to between four and six at a time. It's possible for a child to take the role of Mr Kangaroo though it is a little demanding for young children as an answer requires a number of jumps and and a creature type. One way to make it easier is to use flashcards of animals so Mr Kangaroo only needs to decide on a number of jumps.

It's best to introduce the basic game and add snail and crab jumps later.

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