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Target: Parts of the body slap
Age: kindergarten children and up
Duration: 3 minutes & up
Class Size: Small group and up
Energy Level: moderate to high
Type: Target shooting game
Equipment: Mosquito targets, hairbands, tables

PrepAration: Download the mosquito card file. Print out the sheets front and back and mount on card. Cut out and score the cards so that each mosquito target card has a couple of flaps. Bend one flap to the front and one to the back and the card should stand.

Set Up: Create a shooting gallery. Stand the mosquitoes up on one table. Place another table about 1 meter from the first table to create a shooting line. Point out that players are not allowed to cross over the shooting line. Show the group how to shoot a mosquito either by firing the hairband or throwing it. Then go to the other end of the room. Ask the players to gather round.

Procedure: Take a hairband and pretend it is a mosquito. Buzz it around the players. Then call out a known body part for the players to slap. For example, if you call out "Shoulder" the players should slap their shoulders. Their own shoulders not yours! Pointing isn't good enough. You can't catch a mosquito by pointing. Give the first player or two to slap the body part you call a hair band. Tell those players to go shoot the mosquitoes. Call out another body part. Repeat until you run out of hairbands or alternatively set a timer going. How many mosquitoes can the group get.?


  1. Place the mosquitoes all around the room and have a free for all. Players get one shot per band from any distance.
  2. For large classes divide into teams. Have the teams line up so the head of each line is near you. Name a body part. When the head of each team has slapped that body part (preferably at the same time - an extra rule to consider), hand over a hairband to each team member. The next team members step forward. Realise you'll need at least 3-4 hairbands per player.


Once players have the idea try naming an unknown body part. Encourage players to slap different parts of their bodies until they find the one you have named. Avoid introducing too many new parts in one go, mix known parts with two or three new ones. Keep repeating them.

This seems to be a game of mixed popularity. Some groups really get into it and others can happily leave it. I've yet to discover why, but suspect that if childrn feel you are testing them they won't find it as fun.

getfile: Mosquito Cards

PDF File A4, 2 pages, 754 KB


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