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Monster Bingo

Target: writing and reading practise target
body parts
Age: elementary aged and up
Duration: variable
Class Size: small groups
Energy Level: moderate
Type: Co-operative Game
Equipment: board, sucker ball, bingo sheets

This is a team bingo game. It is played in two stages. It works best if you have a sucker ball (or rubber dart gun). Something that can stick to a white board. Here's how it works in point form:

  1. Each player receives a blank bingo grid 3 x 3 or 4 x 4.
  2. Dictate words. Players fill out their grids.
  3. Write the words all over the white board. Leave some space for a monster.
  4. Circle the words. They are targets.
  5. Draw half a monster on the whiteboard.
  6. The aim is to erase the monster off the board or at least stop it from being completed.
  7. In turn each player uses a sucker ball and aims at a word.
  8. If the player hits a word all players mark the word on their bingo sheets. Erase the word from the board.
  9. If the player misses a word, draw more of the monster.
  10. When a player gets a bingo they get a free shot at the monster. Erase any part of the monster that is hit.
  11. Play until the monster is cleaned off the board or completed. Alternatively, play to a time limit.


Draw several small monsters on the board. When a player misses a word draw one more monster. Play to a time limit. Can the players clean the board of monsters?


I usually encourage players to help each other with the dictation. One possibility is to write the word on the board after the first player has successfully written it.

Sometimes it is necessary to encourage players to write the words down in different locations to ensure that their bingo sheets are different.

If time is an issue the teacher can prepare bingo sheets full of words in advance.

Usually it is best to have one spot to aim from, though sometimes it is possible to have players shoot from their seats. It depends upon the room layout.

Some blank template examples can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

getfile: Monster Bingo Templates

PDF File (A4, 2 pages, 77 KB)

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