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Target: listening, vocabulary voice
Age: elementary aged and up
Duration: 2-3 minutes
Class Size: Any
Energy Level: moderate
Type: Miming Activity
Equipment: job flashcards or animal flashcards

This game can be played in pairs or small groups. One player takes a few flashcards depicting occupations and shuffles them. The player then looks at a card without showing it and says "Hello" pretending to be the character on the card. The other players guess the occupation.

And that's it!

Well almost. This is not really intended to be a guessing game. The focus should be on the 'hello'. Accordingly I like to limit the number of guesses to one or two at most and go through the cards quickly.

Every player should have a go at saying "Hello!" There's no need to keep score. Flashcards are easier for children to use. Older players might like to write names of jobs on strips of paper and then draw them out of a hat. An alternative is to write the names of famous people and use them. It's also possible to use animal flashcards. Players might like to imagine how a gorilla's "hello' might differ from that of a crocodile.

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