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Halloween Escape

Target: Indentifying Vocabulary Halloween
risk taking
Age: kindergarten aged & up
Duration: Varies 8 -15 minutes a game
Class Size: Any
Energy Level: medium
Type: Display Game
Equipment: Board, Counters, Flashcards

The aim of the game is to get a party of trick-or-treaters to the halloween house.

Set up the board so that everyone can see it. Place the trick-or-treaters on the green circle. Choose either the ghost, the werewolf or the sun to try and catch the trick-or-treaters. Place this chasing piece on the large orange moon circle.

In a turn the players choose 1-6 flashcards. If they can name all the flashcards correctly then that is the number of spaces the tricker-or-treaters move. If they make a mistake then the trick-or-treaters stay where they are. Pick up the chasing piece. Look at the number under the chasing piece and move it that number of spaces.

When the trick-or-treaters move so does the chasing piece! Whatever number the trick-or-treaters land on is the number of pieces that the chasing piece moves. Watch out for big numbers!

Optional Rules:

In the basic version the teacher can simply show the flashcards to children as a group or individually. Once the vocabulary is familiar an alternative version is to keep the cards hidden and give hints. If doing so a timer can be useful. Give one minute to get all the cards. An alternative to the teacher giving the hints is to let the players take turns giving hints. When working with new vocabulary one idea is to give each player a lucky counter. A player can then use a counter to gain an additional hint, perhaps be given a chance to see the flashcard or read what it is, or get extra help from the teacher.

The download section has two different boards. A large B2 board made up of 4 sheets of B4 and a smaller B4 board. The B2 board can be put on a whiteboard using magnets. No flashcards are provided, any set can be used, though a set focusing on Halloween might be more fun.

getfile: Halloween Escape

PDF File B2 board, 4 pages B4, 913 kb

PDF File B4 board, 1 page, 837 kb

PDF File B5 rules, 1 page, 741 kb


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