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Find the Penny

Target: Teamwork & observation fun
Age: children and up
Duration: 5 minutes & up
Class Size: At least 5
Energy Level: moderate to high
Type: Active co-operative game
Equipment: penny, (optional: police helmet)

One player becomes a policeman. The other players aim to keep the policeman from finding the penny. It adds to the fun if a real foreign coin is used. Start the game by having the policeman hide his eyes and count down from ten (or some other agreed number). This gives the other players time to start passing the penny.

Here are the rules:

  1. The coin must be kept in a hand at all times.
  2. When the policeman confronts a player and says, "Show me your hands" the player must do so immediately and completely.

This is a game that requires some practise. Without teamwork the policeman can usually find the coin in seconds but a skilled group can keep the policeman at bay almost indefinitely.

Note: Although a timer is not essential to play the game in a lesson situation it is useful to have one handy. This is a game that players can really get into! My thanks to my father for teaching me this game.

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