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Find My Number

Target: Speaking quckly, logical guessing


Age: children and up
Duration: 2 minutes max
Class Size: any (pairs)
Energy Level: low
Type: activity
Equipment: Timer (perhaps pencil and paper)


Players find a partner. One chooses a number between one and a hundred. The second has 30 seconds to find the number by asking be questions - is it bigger than 50, smaller than 30 etc. The fist player answers, yes it is, no it isn't.. When time is up the questioner makes a guess.. Players then switch roles.


Go for a bigger number range or choose a date, preferably one with historical significance. With a more difficult challenge extend the questioning time to a minute.

Another way is for the answerer to give extra information by using intonation and stress in their answer. An emphatic "No" can tell the questioner they are far off target, a positive "yes" that they are very close.

Note: This kind of activity lays the groundwork for twenty questions. Inexperienced players need to learn how to make narrowing questions rather than guessing wildly. With very young players it may be best to get them to write their number down - partly so that they don't change it and partly to help them remember it.

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