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Do You Like Cake?

Target: Expressing Feelings verbal
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Age: Toddlers Possible & Up
Duration: Around 5 minutes or more
Class Size: Play in small groups
Energy Level: Can get boisterous
Type: Non-competitive Guessing Game
Equipment: Cake Cards (downloadable)

Everyone likes cake? Well maybe not everyone will like these cakes! These cards began as a joke but are actually some of the more useful flashcards I have made.

Disgusting CakesThe game is very simple. You'll need two copies of the cards. Deal out one set of cards on the table, face up or face down, doesn't matter. Shuffle the second set. One player becomes a 'hungry monster'. The monster takes one card from the second set. This shows the cake the monster will eat. One at a time players take cards from the table and offer them to the monster. When the card doesn't match the monster says "Yuk!" and rejects the card. When the card matches the monster snatches the card and pretends to eat the cake. That's it!

The actual dialogue used in the game can vary depending upon the group. Possible phrases to use include:

Usually children like me (as teacher) to be the hungry monster.

There are other ways to use the cards. Some children actually quite like them!

When introducing the cards for the first time I usually shuffle them and ask, "What's this?" I'll show the card in such a way that it's obvious I can't see the card. I know that someone will know the name of the animal. My aim is to see if I anyone can name the cake, eg ant cake, pig cake. I save the toilet cake card until the whole group can figure out the word order.

getfile: Do you like Cake Cards

PDF File A4, 2 pages, 891 KB

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