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Don't Move!

Target: understanding the concept of don't fun
Age: children and up
Duration: 2-5 minutes
Class Size: any
Energy Level: moderate to high
Type: activity
Equipment: none

This is a variation of the traditional children's game Grandmother's Footsteps. In Grandmother's Footsteps one player becomes Granny and stands at one end of the playing area with her (or his) back to the players who line up at the other end. The players try to creep towards Granny who may turn her head round at any time. Any players Granny sees moving are sent back to the starting line. The first player to touch Granny becomes the next Granny in a new game.

Don't Move is played in a similar way with the following changes:

  1. The player who is It (Granny) must say "Don't Move!" before turning round.
  2. It may give additional commands while watching the players. Players who are caught out are sent back to the start.
  3. A player who reaches It taps It and that is the signal for everyone to escape back to the starting line. It gives chase. If It tags the player It choose who becomes the next If the player escapes the player chooses.


  1. Instead of saying "Don't Move!" It may also say "Move!" instead. Players must move on the spot . Players who fail to move or who move forward are sent back to the starting line.
  2. Rather than standing at the end of the playing area It stands nearer the middle. Now the objective is to creep past It and reach a goal at the end of the playing area. This variation is good for Halloween parties. One adult becomes a bad witch and another a good witch. Children who can creep past the bad witch and reach the good witch get a candy.

Note: When introducing this game start of gradually, at first focus on Don't Move only and then perhaps introduce "jump on the spot" followed by "jump backwards". Go with positive commands and then introduce the corresponding negative ones. As It the teacher shouldn't be too strict! Also when giving chase remember the size difference. Give little ones plenty of time to escape.

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