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All Sit Down!

Target: Various review
Age: children and up
Duration: 2-3 minutes
Class Size: any (groups of 4-6)
Energy Level: moderate to high
Type: activity
Equipment: none (timer)

This is a physical variation of the Talking Chips structure included in the book Cooperative Learning by Doctor Spencer Kagan (Kagan 1994).

Players make groups of 4-6. Each group choses or is given a task. A task could be something as simple as naming a vocabulary item in a group or completing a sentence (e.g I like, I can).

Players stand in a circle. On the command go each player in turn does the task. Players can go in any order - basically whoever has an idea goes for it but repeats are not allowed. As soon as a player has done the task he or she sits down.

When all the players are sitting down the group scores one point and all stand up again. The group see how many points they can score within the time limit.


  1. This is quite physical especially without chairs!
  2. Older children and adults may prefer using markers to sitting down and standing up. Putting or tossing oblong blocks into shallow basket makes a good alternative.
  3. Groups may like to keep a record of their results to make a target to beat.
  4. Players who are sitting down may offer ideas and hints to those still standing. A variation is to make a rule that these must be non-verbal.

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