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When all the trees have been cut down
When all the animals have been hunted
When all the waters are polluted
When all the air is unsafe to breathe
Only then will you discover you cannot eat money.

Cree Saying

See You - Speak English

Wise Hat Song: See Uou - Speak English!Wise Hat is going silent for the summer and maybe a little longer. So here is our Goodbye Song. Speak English every day?

World Cup Football 2018

The Pretty Little DonaldA reworking of the basic Wise Hat football game complete with throw-ins, fouls, shots on woodwork, even home goals! Relive the 2018 thriller! Red and white need not be blue!

What Can I Say?

Wise Hat Article: Think ank (Beliefs) What Can I sayWhat do you believe? Does politics haev any place in the language teacher's classroom? How about discipline? How about respect? An ELT News Think Tank article from long, long ago. Topic: Beliefs.

The Pretty Little Donald

The Pretty Little DonaldA parody of a president. This is a 2017 Christmas card turned into a Wise Hat Pack. Massage that ego, primp that hair!

This Week in History

BBC World News: This Week In HistoryGianni Versace shot dead, the Bastille stormed, Broadway blacked-out, floods of the century in Eastern Europe and fat fairies.

Natural Disaster Crossword

The Pretty Little DonaldA crossword in strip format. Useful to review natural disaster vocabulary. From cyclones to sinkholes. Watch out for that tornado!

Weather Song

FoxHere is a song from ages past all about the weather. It's built around the premise of phoning a friend to find out what the weather is like where they are.

Cooperative Quiz

FoxQuizes don't need to be competitive. Here is an example of a cooperative quiz based on that bastion of the British upper crust - fox hunting.

Floods in Japan

BBC World News: This Week In HistoryA Video Pack focusing on the recent devastating floods in Western Japan. Includes a clip from the BBC Newsday slowed by 15% and a PDF of the transcipt in various formats.

Maze Challenge: World Cup 2018 - Last 16

Wise Hat Strips: Football MadAnother blast from the past. In Maze Challenge players battle their way through an invisible maze. Download a blank template to make your own mazes or use the maze of the moment: The Flags and Countries of 16 nations to make it through to the knock-out state of the 2016 World Cup.

Headscarves and Human Rights

Wise Hat Strips: Football MadShould religion take precedence over sport? Chess Champion Soumya Swaminathan thinks religious dress codes have no place in sport and pulled out of a competition in Iran to underline her point. Here is a Wise Hat pack featuring a short video and PDF.

Football Mad!

Wise Hat Strips: Football MadFootball Mad is a poem by Benjamin Zephaniah. Here is a version in Verse Strip Format along with a crossword. Clever Trevor scored a goal!

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