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I am somehow less interested in the weight and convolutions of Einstein's brain than in the near certainty that people of equal talent have lived and died in cotton fields and sweatshops.

Stephen Jay Gould (1941-2002)

Blow this hot dog stand?

This link will whisk you away to an interview with science- and climate-fiction novelist, Kim Stanley Robinson. Go on - have a look!

The Dog had my homework!

Wise Hat Error! Wise Hat Error!

Attention: monthsoftheyearwordchain02.pdf was botched! The wordchain for February didn't work, it was rubbish, it was wrong. My sincere apologies to anyone who downloaded it and tried to use it with a class, as I did on Monday...

It has now been corrected and uploaded:

Sick as a dog

The Tokyo Subway sarin gas attack, the end of apartheid in South Africa, the reunification of Germany, the first and only female PM of Israel, the marriage of the century and the theft of the World Cup - just another This Week In History episode from BBC World News. For some reason or another the date of Golda Meir's premiership is not mentioned. It was 1969.

How long was the stolen item missing?
How many people were affected by the terrorist attack?
How many people were killed by the terrorist attack?
How old was Golda Meir when she took power?
How was the stolen item found?
In which city was there a terrorist attack?
In which city was there a theft?
In which country did Golda Meir take power?
In which country was there a referendum?
In which year did Golda Meir take power?
What did Golda Meir become on March 17th?
What ended on March 18th, 1992?
What was release on March 20th, 1995?
What was stolen in 1966?
What was the result of the referendum?
What was the wedding called?
Where was the stolen item found?
Which country was united in 1990?
Who got married in 1964?
Who triumphed in 1990?
Who voted in the referendum?

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Dog's March

Months of the Year WorchsearchAnother month, another wordchain. Same format - same idea, just a different puzzle. The idea is to write out the months in the boxes and then fill out the wordchain before completing the sentences. A wordchain differs from a crossword in that there is no numbering. So it is more an exercise in logic. As before there are two versions as I've never been able to decide whether to have the wordchain at the top which to my mind makes the page more visually balanced or have the tasks in order. This will probably be the last time I put one of these up - I have yet to receive a single comment about them.

Pointed GunSick as a dog

Donald Trump would have you believe that gun violence in the United States is primarily caused by mental illness. Click the gun to get randomly shot to reality.

But the real mental illness is the refusal to accept that Climate Change is threatening us all. No, Donald, it is not a Chinese conspiracy - just consider that in the last two weeks the Bering Sea has lost half its sea ice, that's unprecedented.