Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world, because the US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries.

Henry Kissinger

Climate Woes - Two Videos

Wise Hat VIDEO - Greenhouse Gases Another Record HighGreenhouse Gases Another Record High - a 43% increase since 1990 and no signs emissions are peaking - ouch!

Wise Hat VIDEO - Green CementGreen Cement - If Cement were a country it would be third in line behind China and the US for the damage it is doing to the climate.

Climate Woes - Two Wise Hat Packs

Wise Hat PACK - Global Climate EmergencyGlobal Climate Emergency - what do 11,000 scientists agree on - a report from BBC World News

Wise Hat PACK - Typhoon HagibisTyphoon Hagibis - "What's truly remarkable about this typhoon is its scale." A BBC World News report on this year's devastation in Japan.

Horrible Halloween!

Wise Hat VIDEO - Halloween 2019 Climate Crisis SOSHalloween 2019 Climate Crisis SOS - a multiple choice video quiz using climate crisis related movies - what words come next? For older learners. Now with a crossword as well!

Wise Hat VIDEO - Halloween 2019 How Now?Halloween How Now - how are they and how many of them are there. A Halloween themed video quiz for younger learners.

What's Wrong With Planting New Forests?

Wise Hat VIDEO - What's Wrong With Planting New Forests?A short "reality check" from the BBC about deforestation and planting trees. Slowed to 90% of the original speed.

Japan Resumes Commercial Whaling?

Wise Hat PACK - Japan Resumes Commercial WhalingA Wise Hat Video pack featuring a BBC report on Japan's decision to resume commercial whaling from July 1st. But given that in 2014 the International Court of Justice declared that Japanese "whale research" is not scientific have they really ever stopped whaling?

Talking Rubbish (Plastic)

Wise Hat VIDEO - Talking RubbishA short video from the BBC highlighting the sheer volume of plastic that is produced, used and discarded.

Match 7 - Single Use Plastic

Wise Hat GAME - Match 7: Single Use PlasticA Pair Fluency Match 7 set designed to draw attention to the problem of single use plastic and what we can do about it.

Return to Fukushima

Wise Hat VIDEO - 2019 Return to FukushimaEight years on from the meltdown and people are being allowed back. The BBC seem eager to suggest that the crisis is over: 45 seconds in we see the reporter munching away on "salad fresh from the fields of Fukushima". But read between the lines and it's clear the area remains, if not a death trap, a cesspit of contamination.

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